CH Patriot Point Honest Abe, JH

Patriot Point's Honest Abe was born 06/07/2017. He was born at 1.4 lbs and is a beautiful healthy male with strong bone and striking colors. Abe's Dam is Gracie and Sire is Lord. Both of their Pedigree's can be found in the link to the left. 

Abe is owned and loved by Denise Cooper in PA. They both continue to be amazing breed ambassadors. Abe is training for his NAVHDA test in the spring, he is also working on obedience, nose work, tracking, and barn hunts. He has been to the nursing home several times and loves the attention. He is not using his nose, he is using his skills of persuasion to convince his "sister" Ruby she should share the big bed. 

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