Welcome to Patriot Point; located in Hartland Michigan. We are a small family run breeding program focusing on the total dog. Our dogs are bred to perform in the field and show ring while being a part of the family.  We got our first Bracco in 2005.  As I became more involved in the bred, I realized better bloodlines were needed in the USA so I imported Gracie from Hungry in 2014.  Followed by our male Ragnar in 2016 and then Isla from Hungary in 2019.

Please take a look around and leave us a message using the "Contact Us" link above if you have any questions.  

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The Bracco Italiano is also known as the Italian Pointer. They are recognized by United Kennel Club; and were accepted in AKC's Foundation Stock Service in 2001. The Bracco is tough to endure all all types of hunting and environments, yet docile with high trainability. They are a very intelligent breed, with a high desire to work. Yet gentle and loving and must be a part of the family. 

Be sure to view our Bracco's and  see the links page for club information and breed standards. 

Special Thanks 

Special Thanks to Valerie Kessler of Riverbend for designing the website, adding photos and content, helping to arrange my upcoming litter and being a remarkable mentor. If you are on the west Coast and looking for a remarkable Bracco please visit 

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